London is the Place for Me

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This is a second edition of my very popular print, “London is the Place for Me”. Due to popular demand, I have re-editioned the work in slightly different colours. It is an edition of 100, and costs £250, of which £50 from every sale goes to the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants. If you or your family have any connection to the Windrush generation please contact me before buying at as I am offering a discount.



1 review for London is the Place for Me

  1. Jacqueline Reid-Rodney

    This print is amazing. I’ve waited for a year for it to come back into print.
    It reminds me of my parents who are part of the Windrush generation.
    The print depicts the era that arrived in, smartly dressed and self assured and intent on making a better life for themselves and their future family.
    I salute you Eliza Southwood for capturing that moment in time.
    It will have pride of place in my home.

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